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Preventative Care


A dental sealant is a flowable composite resin layer that is added to the chewing surfaces' grooves of healthy, cavity-free teeth. These sealants create a protective layer that effectively "seals out" food and bacteria, preventing tooth decay. When applied correctly, sealants are 100% effective in cavity prevention.

Inevitably, 95% of people develop one or more cavities. Sealants are primarily used on the back teeth, which are most susceptible to decay and cavities. These teeth have narrow and deep grooves that are difficult to reach with toothbrush bristles. Due to their challenging-to-clean nature, food and bacteria tend to get trapped in these grooves. While fluoride is a valuable tool against tooth decay, it only protects the smooth surfaces of teeth. To safeguard the grooves, sealants are the most effective solution.

Sealants are placed in a brief single visit and offer a cost-effective approach to maintaining dental health. The cost of sealant protection for one tooth is lower than that of a regular composite filling and only a fraction of the expenses associated with root canal or crown restorations. Sealants provide long-lasting protection for many years.

Not limited to children...

Both children and adults can benefit from the added protection of sealants. Children, in particular, gain significant advantages from sealants for several reasons. Newly erupted teeth take about three years for the enamel to fully mature, leaving them highly vulnerable to decay. Additionally, children may struggle with maintaining good dental hygiene practices. However, it is never too late for sealants, as adults are also at risk of tooth decay and should consider sealants, especially if they have cavity risk factors.

Reasons for getting sealants:

- To maintain dental health for children with newly erupted permanent teeth and prevent future dental issues in adults.
- To save time and money in the long run by preventing tooth decay, particularly when risk factors are present (such as a history of cavities, poor oral hygiene, dry mouth conditions, and low fluoride intake).

At Dental Esthetics Boston, we utilize the latest dental technology and finest materials to provide quick, comfortable, and effective sealant procedures. Instructions for post-treatment care will be provided. While sealants are highly effective in cavity prevention, maintaining proper oral hygiene, adopting good eating habits, and scheduling regular dental visits are necessary for the long-term health of your teeth. If you have any questions about sealants, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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